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August 26, 2012
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You really need it, Erza ^^ by BoneBoneKing You really need it, Erza ^^ by BoneBoneKing
" *relaxed sigh* My really know how to give a massage...Thank you..."
"My pleasure ^^ "

Seriously, even if Fairy Tail has deux ex machinas in almost every fight, I really think that Erza deserves a nice foot massage, because she works, and fights so hard. All for the sake of her friends.

So here we have yours truly giving her something she should have gotten countless times for her hardwork and courage in the series :3 Enjoy!
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Well I have never seen Fair Tail before but have heard it is a good show, but I know a good job when I have seen it before ;D

Lovely job on the soles like usual, the sole moving under your thumb as it presses into it is quite a nice touch. AS for Erza herself, she certainly seems to be enjoying her self even though it looked like a pain to draw her in such a pose. It really shows you are just getting better and better at anatomy my friend XP
Well, I'm not that into watching new series of anime if they have 100+ something episodes, but Fairy Tail was something my cousin got into lately and when I visited him in July, we had a small marathon, and Erza REALLY grew on me.

True, my God this position was a pain in my boney ass...Everything else, the sole, Erza's look, it was pretty simple and I'm glad you like it, but I really had a hard time with fitting Erza on the piece of paper and not making her look like she was doing some Yoga. Glad to hear my anatomy improves, thankies for the feedback.
LUCKY!!! Good work on this one.
Seeing as how (I assume) she's one of the tough heroine characters, I could imagine her needing some kind of R&R. XP
Yea, she is one of the tough girls :3 And yes she really needs some nice treatment X3
I've always loved Erza's feet, but there's barely any pics of her soles, great job :D
Same here. ^^

Well, if you mean fanart then yea, there are not piles of pics with her, but in the manga/anime there are a lot pics of her soles :3
That's really sweet, I remember you mentioning all this in a discussion too, that is still as true then as it is now.

And now it just looks great! XD
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